Today I worked for the Sweet7 brand of fashion jewelry B.V. KannaiSweet7 is a young and trendy brand whose collections change regularly. They use natural materials like real leather and precious stones as much as possible in their search for the natural style that they want to express. Sweet7 usually has three trends for each season.

For the Winter Collection of 14/15 I’ve been working with communication, marketing and fashion professional Irene Devilee, photographer Iris Planting and hair and make-up artist Tirzah Waasdorp. Within a few hours we worked out two great themes: Frozen Flower and Luxury. On the first of January they launched the campaign. I’m very happy with the results because I think we succeeded in depicting two totally different looks. From sweet and a bit dreamy to strong, sexy and luxurious.

I loved working with Irene, Iris and Tirzah because they are really sweet and incredibly creative. During the process they stimulated and reinforced each other in their creative thinking process and that was an inspiring sight.


As you can see in the picture it was a beautiful day. We had lovely weather, which was in great contrast with our shooting theme “Frozen flower”, so we could eat our lunch outside next to the water. The sun was shining and no one could hide their jealousy of Iris Planting’s working area… Look at the place! To make our lunch break extra pleasant, Irene spoiled us with a really healthy and tasty lunch with salad and bread. It was the first time I ever ate Maza Muhammara, but I can really recommend it to you! So good it’s really worth the 2.25 euro 😉 It’s a salad dip with grilled paprika, walnuts and pomegranate.

You’ll all understand that I really liked working with the team and I was super excited when I heard that I could work with them again on February the 17th. I hope I can share the photos of that second shoot soon!

14kan_frfl_12-09-14-kannai-nieuw Adobe Photoshop PDF