WINNER Entre Deux Fashion Blog Battle!

_DSC8922 bWHAAA!! I have won the Entre Deux Blog Battle! Now I can call myself one of the three fashion bloggers of Entre Deux. This is really a dream come true! Over the last months I was looking forward to this day and last sunday was the big day, the final! All of our preparations were pushed aside and we got a challenge on the spot. Every blogger had to make an outfit with a denim blouse from Zara. I thought that this was a very good assignment because it was really a chance for us to show our creativity. Although everyone had to use the denim blouse the results were totally different as each of us wanted to show their own identity through the clothes, accessories and attributes. I was very nervous, but at the same time I was enjoying it so much! And after all, when I look back at the day, I really loved it! My boyfriend, mum, lovely friends from Maastricht and a very sweet friend of me were there to support me and to celebrate the moment when the jury said: “The winner of the Entre Deux blog battle is…. MARIJKE VERSLUIJS!”

_DSC8722 b

I was very happy with Charlotte as my model. She was very pretty, friendly and she never complained although it was really cold. It looks like she’s wearing a skirt, but she’s wearing shorts by Hollister. If it was a skirt, I would find it too short, but because they are shorts, it’s possible to wear them like this. I think they look cute and they are perfect for a sunny day because they are breezy and because dots are very hot this summer! On top of these shorts Charlotte is wearing the compulsery denim blouse by Zara. I understand why they chose a denim blouse with a seventy look because denim is one of the 10 biggest trends this spring and summer and the seventies look will be the biggest trend this year! Within a few weeks you’ll see the flared jeans, broderie and patchwork in all stores!

Underneath the denim blouse I chose another blouse, a black blouse with white flowers from Virgin The Concept Store. I loved this blouse so much that I insisted on using it and I’m so happy that I did. The combination of the two gave my outfit that little extra and made it special. On top of that the combination gives a real seventies look because of the various fabrics and the flowers.

I didn’t use much jewelry, only a subtle golden necklace by H&M. Take a good look to find it! 😉 I chose for this necklace because I wanted to cover up the top bottom of the blouse. Next to the jewelry I chose for two attributes: the popcorn bucket from Cadeaux and this cool bag from Men At Work. I was very happy with both, because the popcorn bucket made my outfit original and the bag completed the oufit.

Last but not least she’s wearing white Nikes from Aktiesport. Originally they are for men, but I liked them so much I chose them anyway. They are available from size 40. Charlotte has 38, but I couldn’t resist them… I have size 40, so there is a big chance that I’ll buy them next time I visit Entre Deux! 😉

And now photos of the big day. Taken by Sluysmans Fotografie. Enjoy!

_DSC8489 b

_DSC8536 b_DSC8548 b

At the start of the finale we got an envelop with an extra assignment: buy something at this store!

I got the Aktiesport!

_DSC8555 b

3… 2… 1… GO!!

_DSC5925 b_DSC8675 b_DSC8775 b

After an hour and a half the show started… The jury came by each one of us to ask the blogger questions about the outfit, about our own style, the new trends, etcetera. I was very nervous but it went well!

_DSC8831 b

Jury deliberating… From left to right: Joyce Bouwman (Sessibon), Janne Baetsen (VVV Maastricht), Branko Popovic (co-founder FASHIONCLASH) and Karin Pool (First personal stylist in the Netherlands).

_DSC8881 bAnd then the announcement…!

_DSC8971 b

Together with Ranim Helwani (left) and Anouk Claessen (right).

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