This is Lily


Three years ago I worked for ‘This is Lily’, a brand that had only just appeared at that time. It’s always exciting to work with new names, you just don’t know what to expect. Now, only a few years later, ‘This is Lily’ grew to be an exclusive brand, loved by a lot of Bn’ers (Famous Dutch people). The Designer, Lily Houben, gets inspiration from everything in her surroundings. Every collection is based on an image or story she picked up along the way. Her style could be described as ‘feminine with a twist of spiciness’. Very seductive, but certainly not in a cheap way! I absolutely adore the clothes she makes because for me they felt like more than just clothes, they changed the way I thought about myself. In the Netherlands they are say ‘Kleren maken de man’, which literally translated says; ‘Clothes make the man’. In English they say ‘The tailer makes the man’ or ‘Fine feathers make fine birds’. Well.. Some clothes make the woman! And when I buy something new I can really look forward to wearing it and showing it to my friends.

Lily herself talked about the subject in an interview and said “It is much more than clothing, it’s an emotion and a form of self-expression that shows who you are as a person. When you’re wearing the right clothing it genuinely changes you and it can give you some instant happiness”.

I can remember the shooting day like it was yesterday. Lily also invited three female dancers as models and that was a humbling experience for me! What those girls could do with their bodies blew my mind.. Next to them I felt so rigid! And that is coming from a girl that could put her legs in her neck as a kid 😉 I’ve been putting more training hours in my flexibility since that day but I’m afraid I’ll never catch up with them.


Shanna le Double, a lovely make-up artist and since recently also mother of a beautiful daughter, did a wonderful job. I met her at a shoot for Foei’s Vintage and this was the second time we saw each other. It was very nice to see her again. When the others were shooting we had our lunch in the garden and enjoyed the adventures of a motherduck and her supercute ducklings. It was really special to find such a quiet place in the middle of Amsterdam.

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