Paris during #PFW ’15

Hi everyone! Maybe you have been refreshing and refreshing my website over and over again (or maybe not, haha!), but didn’t see new posts coming up… Well, uh, I know, it’s been a while.. I’ve been really busy teaching, modeling and studying since I posted my last blog. In the meantime we also went to Paris during Paris Fashion Week with Akademie Vogue! 

Friday the 6th of March we went to Paris by train. Although I had slept at Lotte’s place in Amsterdam, Lotte is a very good and sweet friend of mine I met at secondary school, I was just in time with only 2 minutes left to catch the train. Thank God I was wearing my new white Nikes which saved my feet during the run. I really fell in love with my new Nikes during my Paris trip. Why? Well, they fit with each outfit I bought in Entre Deux and when everyone was complaining about their painful feet, I did not suffer at all!

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-18 om 21.35.38

Around noon we arrived in Paris and went to our hotel where we stashed our bags. At first we went to Île de la Cité which is one of the islands in the center of Paris. This island marks the very beginning of Paris; it’s where Paris was founded and where many sights, like the Notre Dame, are located. We visited the Notre Dame and I used the time to light a candle for my father.


We followed our journey to Centre Pompidou where we visited the exhibitions “Une histoire, art, architecture et design, des annees 80 a aujourd’hui” and “Jeff Koons”. The first exhibition was very impressive. Especially the wall with al the boxes containing the stories of families that died during World War II. But also the work by Jeff Koons appealed to me. Several pieces looked like they had been made of blown up material, like balloons, but all of them had been made out of hard materials like metal or hard plastic.


At the exhibition “Une histoire, art, architecture et design, des annees 80 a aujourd’hui”


At the exhibition of “Jeff Koons”.

Around six we went to the supermarket for lots of water, apples and of course.. MADELEINES!! They’re so yummy! And at 19:00 pm we went with the whole group to a real French Restaurant called Cartier. I ordered fish and well, that was exactly what I got.. A whole fish!


After the delicious desert the day wasn’t over yet, no, no. We went on a boattrip on the Seine with Bateux Mouches. It was soooo cold, but really nice. The Eiffel Tower was sparkling from top to toe, which would have been a very romantic moment when I would have been there with my boyfriend. But still it was an “Aaahww-moment”.


At day two we went to the Opera and Colette which both were really worth the visit! The Opera is such an incredible building and Colette was very inspiring. Especially for me as a fashion student. I promise I’ll write a blog about Colette soon, because the store deserves its own blog! After that we had some free time which we used for shopping and inbetween we had a delicious lunch at an Italian Restaurant for only 9 euros. Who would have thought that would be possible in the middle of Paris? Well, we wouldn’t, but certainly had no problems with that! 😉

IMG_1815At the Opera.


At Lafayette.


Window of Colette with the beautiful collection of Simone Rocha.

In the evening we went to sushi bar “Fish and Rice” on the advice of a real Parisienne, and it was even better than she had made us believe! The food was really, really good and it was quite an experience to be in the basement of the restaurant where we experienced the real Japanese culture. As you might see in the picture below, we had to sit on the floor while our food was being served on very low tables. After our delicious dinner the owner told us to go to club Le Braque for drinks. Because the last advice we had got from a local had been a real success, we decided to listen to him! The next morning the name of the bar did justice (Dutch inside joke) when the alarm went of at 08:00 in the morning. Only 5 hours of sleep, outch… But let’s be honest, locals know best!


On the third day we went to Musee d’Orsay and the exhibition FASHION MIX. At the exhibition FASHION MIX we saw work from designers from all over the world. After three o’clock we had some free time and went to the Eiffel Tower where we drank Champagne. The last thing we did before we went back home was getting us some macarons from La Duree and I have to tell you that the stories are true.. They are Delicieux! IMG-20150309-WA0051

At Musee d’Orsay


On our way to FASHION MIX.


Schermafbeelding 2015-03-19 om 18.30.39



At La Duree


They were so gooooddd!!

Au revoir Paris! Je t’aime!