Three days in Paris

Hi folks! This is my first blog ever for Entre Deux, so let me first introduce myself. I’m Marijke Versluijs, a 24-year-old Nijmegen-based model. Apart from modelling I’m a teacher at a primary school and a fashion styling and digital design student at Akademie Vogue in Amsterdam. Busy bee, I know!

For this first blog I didn’t have much time to shop, ‘cause I really wanted to buy clothes before I went to Paris. The only problem was that I only had a few hours free after shooting and in the end I had only two hours left because of train delay! But it worked out anyway and I’m still very happy with what I bought. I took all the clothes, accessories and my new shoes with me to Paris during Paris Fashion Week and I kept a diary of my days there which you can read in my traveling blog Paris during #PFW 15. The only thing I forgot to bring was my new bag which I had bought at America Today for only 19,99 euros. Too bad, ‘cause now it’s not in the photos. But guys, I really recommend it! The space in there is endless! It’s so big, I can bring whatever I want. What do we girls want more? 😉

This spring and summer is all about comfort and I just love that! Just think of the slip-on shoes, platform sandals and sneakers which are very hot right now. So much better than stiletto heels. They’re just always killing my feet during shows. Besides, oversized clothing pieces like flared pants and maxi dresses are real must-haves this season. I bought a real nice maxi dress with asymmetric accents and combined it with the new Son of Force low Nikes I bought at Aktiesport. I really fell in love with them during my Paris trip. Why? Well, they fit with each outfit I bought in Entre Deux and when everyone was complaining about their painful feet at the end of the day, I did not suffer at all! At top of that they saved my feet during the run to catch the Thalys at Friday morning. But back to the trends and clothing!

In the pictures you’ll see I’m wearing some special new earrings. I bought these beauties at Zara. They’re often the first store with the new must-haves so keep an eye on them. Every time I wear them people ask where I bought those. If you want to make it even more special, combine them with other earrings like I did. I combine them with my mother’s blood coral pieces and it’s a real success. I feel a little bit more special when I wear them.

We had lovely weather in Paris. It was really jealous making for the home front but it was necessary to wear a sweater in the shadow. The really nice grey comfy sweater you see in the pictures is an essential piece for next season. This sweat dress of Less called Lina is the perfect combination of comfort and stylish at the same time. Beside this light gray color the sweat dress is also available in a black and white striped pattern. I bought it at Men_at_Work and I combined it with my new skinny jegging with ripped knees and snow effect. It’s also nice to wear with a leather jegging which will give it extra edge. I finished it with a silver necklace which is also from Men_at_Work. They have so much great stuff!

Last winter the sixties were totally hot. The 60s had a lot of different trends like collars, flowers, fluffy, pastel and squares that lived next to each other. This created a very colorful and exuberant style. Now we still see lots of flower patterns and accents. At the final of the Blog Battle I bought a really nice blouse from Virgin the Concept Store which I combined with the sweater during my trip in Paris. This blouse is a real eye-catcher.At Zara I bought this nice earcuff of pearls. You only have to have one hole in your ear to wear it.

On the last day it was like 20 degrees so I pulled out my new croptop which I had bought at H&M. I combined it with my new grey vest from the NewYorker and ripped jeans from VeroModa. As you probably have already noticed I’ve made three different outfits with my new Nikes and skinny jegging with ripped knees which are the must have trousers for this and next season (besides boyfriend jeans as the Levi’s 501 and the flared pants). At Men_At_Work they aren’t expensive at all. You can have them for 39,99 and if you download the app you get a 5-euro discount!

One last bit of news. We’ll see fewer and fewer statement necklaces and more bandeaus. Here I wear my bandeau which I bought at NewYorker in my hair. In my next blog I will show you how to wear it instead of a necklace. So keep refreshing my website and the site of Entre Deux for the newest trends, fashion must-haves and the looks I create for Entre Deux. Besides my outfits I’ll share all kinds of other stuff that you can buy at Entre Deux. My next blog will by about three different spring and summer trends. Sneak-peak… One of them will be about the 70s and for that I bought really nice elephant-size flared pants!

Photos taken by Bahar Madani.


 ∙ Beanie from ZARA ∙ LESS sweater from Men_At_WorkFRILLS 3 row triangle from Men_At_Work ∙ 8MM. skinny jegging with ripped knees from Men_At_Work ∙ NIKE Son of Force low from Aktiesport ∙

zwartwitlach ∙ LESS sweater from Men_At_Work ∙ FRILLS three row triangle from Men_At_Work ∙ Earcuff with pearls from ZARA


∙ Blouse from Virgin the Concept Store ∙ 8MM. skinny jegging with ripped knees from Men_At_Work ∙ Sunglasses from H&M  ∙ Earcuff with pearls from ZARA


∙ Ethnic coat from ZARA Dress from ZARA ∙ Bandeau from H&M ∙ 8MM. skinny jegging with ripped knees from Men_At_Work ∙ NIKE Son of Force low from Aktiesport ∙



∙ Ethnic coat from ZARA ∙ Long dress from ZARA ∙ Bandeau from H&M ∙ 8MM. skinny jegging with ripped knees from Men_At_Work ∙ NIKE Son of Force low from Aktiesport ∙ CALVIN KLEIN Watch from Siebel ∙ Earrings from ZARA ∙

LADUREEvierkant EntreDeuxGareduNordkopie

 ∙ Ethnic jack from ZARA ∙ Vest from NewYorker ∙ Crop top from H&M ∙ Ripped jeans from VeroModa ∙ NIKE Son of Force low from Aktiesport ∙ Macarons from LaDuree ∙