LEVI’S 501® CT


He you! I’m a big fan of denim and now I tried out a new style with the 501® CT by Levi’s. I want to tell you something about this brand ’cause this year Levi’s kicked off with a special project and what they’ve done is really cool. They took their old but most popular creations and changed them into a new, 2015-ready collection.

Levi’s stands for durability, craftsmanship and rebellion. In 1873 they developed blue jeans. This year, they reinvented them. The Levis 501®, for example, is now available in shorts, CT and the original. I’m a huge fan, especially of the bleached CT (custom tapered) with ripped knees. What about you? Are the Levi’s 501® CT something you would wear?

The great thing about the 501 is that you can wear them in many different ways. I love to wear mine in a slouchy way, low on my hips with a cuff at the ankle. But you also can wear them clean and sexy with high heels. Yesterday I combined them with my new Bandana which I bought in Paris for a ‘rebellious’ touch 😉 What do you think of this new look? Let me know by leaving a comment 🙂

Bye bye for now and see you soon!

Photos taken by Bahar Madani

IMG_0929levi's 501 A

∙ 501® by Levi’s from Men at Work ∙ White top by Zara ∙ NIKE son of force low ∙

∙ Bag from Sussies Vintage (NIJMEGEN) ∙ Bandana from second hand store in PARIS ∙ Sunglasses from EPISODE (A’DAM) ∙