Hi everyone! When people ask me: ‘Where are you from?’ And I answer with: I live in Nijmegen. Almost everyone says: Nijmegen!? I’ve never been there. What’s it like? Well, it’s a really lovely city with beautiful parks, amazing stores and a rich history, Nijmegen is claiming to be the oldest city of the Netherlands. It’s also a city with lots to do for food and music lovers! For example, this weekend the festival called Trek is worth a visit. 

When I moved to Nijmegen I was homesick for almost a year. I could only think: I want to go back to Utrecht! (The city where I lived during my study) Oh, I missed it so much! But then I met Maayke and everything changed. She showed me the hotspots, took me to parties and because of her, my boyfriend and I moved to an amazing home in the middle of the city center. I still think I never want to leave this amazing house. It’s so full of life and joy and we have roommates who became our friends.

So I totally understand you when you think Nijmegen isn’t that attractive, but you’re wrong. As was I.. To prove it, I’m taking you on a mini tour through my city!

We’re skipping some of the obvious must-sees like the St Stevens kerk (That occasionally wakes us up in the morning because the organ player really loves his job!) and the Valkhof museum. Instead I will dig more into places which I think are interesting and where I love to spend some free time. So, grab your notebooks to write down these tips and… ready, hotspot, go!

bairro alto 2

One of my favourite hangouts is Bairro Alto. I’m slightly addicted to their hummus salad and delicious coffees and teas like the one with orange juice, cinnamon and ginger. Everything is fresh and the atmosphere is really good. If you don’t have the time to sit down for a while… you can order a take-away. I once ordered a coffee and gave it to a man at the market because he helped me so many times during my study (fashion styling) and he said: Wow! Where did you get that coffee?! So whenever you have the time to lunch with friends of you just need a quick energy boost, drop by! And if the weather is nice, you can ask them for a picnic basket and enjoy that on the lawn in front. 

bairro alto 1


These amazing bracelets by OFORM2014 are designed by Naomi Bijlefeld. She’s a Dutch designer and her pieces are very impressive ’cause of the balance between geometric shapes, materials and colors. Her rings, bracelets and necklaces are made of stainless steel, acrylic and marble which is an unusual combination but that’s, in my opinion, what makes it so interesting. 

The dress I’m wearing is a piece by Won Hundred. They want the personality of the user to transcend through Won Hundred’s designs. This way every piece becomes unique. 

The bag is like the bracelets designed by a Dutch designer. Zand-Erover translates the forms of nature and are made from durable material which are pure and are chosen for their natural ability to visibly react when used. All bags are handmade in order to create a unique, tailor-made product.

All these items are from the store 5|12 in Nijmegen (such an amazing store!!).

If I have to describe these brand I’ll use the words minimalistic, graphic and quirky. And that’s exactly what I’m always looking for in a piece of clothing or accessory.


Dress by Won Hundred from 5|12 // Bracelets by OFORM2014 from 5|12
Bag by Zand Erover from 5|12 // Shoes by Why Not from Men_at_Work

In the coming weeks I’ll take you to some other beautiful places like my favorite store 5|12 and my favorite park, that helped me to fully appreciate this lovely city! 

Have a great weekend!

Love, Marijke

Photographer: Chantal v. Lobbrecht