512 // HOTSPOT #3

And? Did you drop by Bairro Alto and taste their delicious food? If you did, leave a comment and let me know how it was! I’ll be there this afternoon for a picknick. I hope to see you there! And when you have time to shop, drop by at my favorite store in Nijmegen: 512 [pronounce it as “five twelve”]11209534_679787128820543_2813735103373037845_n512 is a really inspiring shop because of their products and atmosphere. It’s like a magazine filled with the latest fashion, food and design concepts. The quirky identity of the brands freshes up the store fresh. The stock ranges from established to emerging brands for women and men. Think: brands like Jutka & Riska, Like this and Ratna Ho. 

Beside this, Jettie (the lovely store owner), has her own label called Wakker which fills the store some strong basics, derived from trend and made by only four hands!drieluik merken 5|12 

She also has very special bags, unique interior design pieces and beautiful jewelry like these bracelets by Oform [link] or this necklace by ‘Spruitje’, which you actually need to take care of by watering it once every two weeks. How cool is that?

drieluik merken design

Last Sunday, 512 moved to a bigger home at Van Broeckhuysenstraat 20 in Nijmegen. I’m very excited and can’t wait to see their new place. Jettie will open her doors together with T’s and Bleshyou. T’s is a shop and tea bar in one. Marloes, the founder of T’s, has selected simple and pure products with a special story of their own. She prepares her teas with lots of love and serves them hot and cold. Apart from exceptional drinks, you can also order homemade Dutch “stroopwafels” and other treats.

Looking for a present for someone or is it time to treat yourself? Come and take a look or cozy up with a cup of tea!

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-29 om 11.34.44

Bleshyou combines knowledge and a passion for plants into a sustainable concept. They don’t sell perfect plants, but trade and sell plants with a story to prevent us from unnecessary loss of greenery. Good concept, don’t you think? Does your plant no longer suit your interior or does it show signs of age? Bring or return it to Bleshyou for a plant with a character and a background that suits you better.
Schermafbeelding 2015-06-29 om 11.23.35

These three stores combine into a cozy shop. I can’t wait to browse around and be surrounded by clothing, design, plants and pots as I sniff the smells of tea, coffee and waffles!

They open tomorrow, at 5 minutes to 12. Come and join!

The Mountain States will play a few golden hits and a fantastic DJ duo will contribute to the pleasant atmosphere. They are admired for their performance and ridiculously good choice of music, so come for non-stop fun!


Hope to see you there!

X, Marijke