DSC_0384kopie  There are several parks in Nijmegen, but I’ve always preferred the lovely Kronenburgerpark because of the old city wall from the 15th century and its pond and little waterfall which make it so romantic. It’s also quite hilly. Uphill it’s really quiet, except at the playground. 😉 More downhill, the park is often filled with people of all ages. There are lots of things to see and that’s why I love to go there. I’m not a girl who wants to be in quiet places. I love places that are full of life. I like watching people. I can stare for hours, haha! And the greatest thing of all.. it’s just 2 minutes from my home! When I want to take pictures for my blog, I love to shoot in this park. I’m always discovering hidden corners here. So if you have the time, I advise you to go there to hang out with your friends.


All items are from stores at Entre Deux Maastricht. Blouse from ZARA // Summer print shorts from ZARA // Vintage bag from NY // WHY NOT platform sandals from Men at Work // Earrings from ZARA // Necklace by ZAG from Men at Work.DSC_0294kopieDSC_0365kopie

This blouse is made of lyocell, which has the luxurious look of silk, is as strong as polyester and takes more moisture than cotton. So it’s a win, win, win!


If the weather isn’t good, you can combine this shirt with long jeans. I combined mine with black trousers by Cheap Monday. I wear them when I have to go to castings. Once there, I take my shirt off, put on my high heels and then it’s time to shine! Once I’m finished, I pull my shirt back on, swap my high heels for my comfortable sandals and hop on to the next location!


I bought these high heels by Vanessa Wu at a very trendy shop in Maastricht called Noir. At one side of the street they sell lovely women’s fashion and on the other side they sell incredibly nice shoes for amazing prices! I certainly recommend it.


 These babes are from H&M.

DSC_0227 DSC_0179Black bag by Zara with another zipped bag inside. Lock up your things and show off the beautiful inside of the bag at the same time. I bought sunglasses at a second-hand store in Amsterdam called Episode.


I’m almost always wearing my golden necklace by ZAG. Do you also have a piece of jewelry you can’t get enough of?

X, Marijke 

Photographer: Chantal v. Lobbrecht