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Hi guys! If you ever want to shoot with your loved ones, I really recommend Marilyn Bartman. Last Tuesday we worked together, we had a great time and we are really happy with the photos. It almost looks like we are getting married, but we aren’t! We’ll wait with that for at least a couple of years! 😉

Jip and I met at our high school and in the beginning it was a case of “forbidden love”. I once told a good friend of mine that I had seen a really good looking guy, but I didn’t knew his name yet.. When I saw him and wanted to show her the guy, at that critical moment, she yelled very loudly: “Hey bolle!” I discovered that the guy, Jip, was her brother.. “What did you wanted to say?”, she asked when he walked away. Well, I wisely kept my mouth shut, because a relationship with her brother was out of the question.. But we couldn’t provide it and a year or two later, during a skiing trip with school, there was the first real contact and a few more years later we fell in love and got in a relationship. Which has happily been going on now for over 7 years!

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SET #1 from 512 Jip: Sweater by Won Hundred // Shorts by Cheap Monday // Sneakers by NIKE Marijke: Lace top by Things I like Things I love // Pants by Things I like Things I love

SET #2 from 512 Jip: White sweater by Wild Hunt // Shorts by Cheap Monday // Shoes by Wholymoly Marijke: Dress by Storm & Marie

And? How do you feel about these longer shirts for men? Looks great, right? 

Photographer: Marilyn Bartman