Yesterday, my mum and I had an amazing Sunday. We went to Breda and talked, talked and talked some more. My mum really never stops talking (I think that even when she’s asleep, she keeps talking) and yes, that’s exhausting sometimes, but yesterday it was great. She told me stories about her childhood and talked about the journeys she went on with my dad when they were young.

They traveled a lot and I’m forever surprised at all the things they experienced in just a few years. We got to this subject because I’m going to Istanbul for modeling in a few weeks. I’m really excited! If my mum is to be believed, Istanbul is a really inspiring and mind-blowing city.

This cute set by Libertine Libertine is one of the things I’m definitely going to take with me. I think it’s a very cute set, but it looks really cool as well. It’s incredibly comfy, like a pair of pyjamas! It almost looks like one, too, but one that respects fashion responsibilities 😉 How perfect is that?!


This special ring is designed by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard, two Dutch designers who creates distinct but minimalistic products. Detailing is their strength and their way of finishing touch makes each product interesting.  



vierkantDSC_0716 Top and shorts by Libertine Libertine from 512 in Nijmegen // Ring by Visser + Meijwaard from 512 in Nijmegen // Bag by Zand Erover from 512 in Nijmegen // High heels by Vanessa Wu from Noir in Maastricht // Foundation and lipstick by Bobbi Brown // Blush by Charlotte Sophie // Mascara by Chanel.

Have you ever been to Istanbul? If you have any tips for me, please leave a comment. I would love to read them!


X, Marijke

Photographer: Chantal v. Lobbrecht