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Hi there, I hope you’re doing fine. I have some great news: I’ll REMAIN THE FASHION BLOGGER FOR ENTRE DEUX FOR ONE MORE YEAR! YAY! I’m really honored and very excited. When they asked me to stay their blogger I immediately said yes, because how could I ever say no to such an amazing shopping-mall!? Exactly, I can’t! So I’ll post an extra blog each month till at least September 2016, WOOHOO!

How I am going to arrange everything is still a bit of an issue though, since I won’t be in the Netherlands the next couple of months. I’ll be in Istanbul and Cape Town for my modeling career (Yes, I know: lucky girl!). But we’ll work it out. I have a very dear sister-in-law who’s also a super duper good friend of mine who loves shopping as much as I do. So maybe she can pick up some clothes after I select them online. Could be a solution. If you have a better idea, feel free to tell me!

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During these last few months I went to Maastricht once a month to visit Entre Deux, but I never had the time to explore the other parts of this wonderful city. Till now! Two weeks ago I worked together with Ellen and Nicole, really talented photographers of Picture People – an international organization that takes all kind of pictures – in Maastricht and they showed me a few hotspots during the shoot. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to enjoy these hotspots. But tomorrow I’ll finally have some time tomorrow! Me and my boyfriend are going to explore Maastricht and I’ll show him all of these cool places and take the time to fully enjoy them. Follow me on Snapchat to see what we’re up to! @marykeversluys 

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By the way… This trip will be part of the super cool new campaign of Entre Deux and the photos will be taken tomorrow afternoon! And what am I going to do about the boyfriend being in my way? Well.. I think I’ll drop him at a bar where he can watch the finish of the Tour de France. He’ll love me for that! And after the shoot I’ll take him out to dinner because he really helped me out last week. Sshhht, don’t tell him yet! 😉
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Take a good look at these beautiful earrings by Anne. They are really beautiful and quite special because they are made out of marble! They look very fancy, don’t they? Anne is a Dutch designer, I met her a few weeks ago at the opening of 512 – one of my favorite stores in Nijmegen – I spoke to her for just a few minutes, but she seemed to be a really lovely person. 

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These photos were taken by Picture People. It was great to work together with Nicole and Ellen. We laughed a lot and we’re all really happy with the results!

BlackDressWonHundred (6 of 9)Black dress by Won Hundred from 512 // Marble earrings by Anne from 512 // High heels by Vanessa Wu from Noir // Bag by Nienke van Dee from 512