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In my latest blog I mentioned that I’ll remain the fashion blogger for Entre Deux for another year. So excited! I also mentioned I would visit Maastricht with my boyfriend the next day to do some shopping before all the traveling.. The last two weeks I visited a few places like Porto and Olbia and currently I’m in Istanbul. All in just two weeks… Let’s go back in time!

Tuesday 22nd of July…. Jip and I went by train to Maastricht and the first thing we did was find some nice place to eat. Never go shopping on a empty stomach! Especially not if you’re with your boyfriend because we want our boyfriends to keep loving us.. 😉 So we went to Lure, an authentic city cafe. If you love good wine or really good home-made food, I recommend this place. It serves the best breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as drinks and the ambiance is… Ah, just go there and experience it!

After our lunch we went shopping and I bought some really nice clothes and glasses! I’ll show you my new purchases in my next blog for Entre Deux. It will come online next week at www.entredeux.nl 

The day Jip and I went shopping I was wearing a really cool set by Storm & Marie from the concept store 512. The designers named their brand after their children. I know, I already told you once in my blog I scream: ice-cream, but it’s such a cute fact 😉

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This ring is made of ceramic and designed by Katinka Versendaal. She’s a Dutch interior and fashion accessories designer. Her work has been noticed by me because of her special techniques and interesting use of material. She’s specialized in working with ceramics but also works with different materials like wood and metal. For more insight take a look at her website and read her interview on who she is and what she does. 773A2567And then these shoes by Vanessa Wu from Noir… They come with a special story or better: with two special people. It was a Saturday afternoon when I decided to go shopping for a pair of high heels to wear in the evening to a friend’s party. I rushed into the shoe store called Noir and little did I know that I would leave with not just one, but two pairs of shoes!

While trying on some high heels, next to me was a lovely couple. The woman tried on some red stunners that caught my eye and I just had to compliment her, so I did. The husband insisted that I would try them on and when I did, they advised me to buy them. I loved them, they looked great, but I had a budget and I sticked to my decision and picked a pair of high heels. But before I could pay for my high heels, the red shoes were suddenly mine. The lovely couple bought me the shoes..

I invited them for some coffee, that was the least I could do, and we had great conversations. Yesterday they sent me a picture of them sitting at the same table. This time without me, they said, but maybe some day we’ll meet again.

Did you ever meet someone during shopping who you still talk to? 🙂


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And then this library in the Dominicanen church in the middle of Entre Deux… It’s incredible, isn’t it? It made my boyfriend’s day. He found there his most precious present ever: the Lp of EELS’ concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Why this lp is so special to him? Eels is without a doubt his favorite band and he wanted this Lp for so long, but could never find it because till that day he thought it wasn’t for sale in the Netherlands. But there it was!



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Top and shirt by Storm & Marie from 512 // Shoes by Vanessa Wu from Noir // Bag by SANDQVIST from 512 // Ring by Katinka from 512

Over the next few weeks I’ll post a lot. About my trip to Porto, to Olbia in Sardinia and of course my experiences here in Istanbul where I’ll be till the 14th of September. So I’ll keep you posted during this amazing summer!


Pictures taken by Picture People