A fews weeks ago I quit my job as a teacher which was very hard to do, because next to modeling I really love to teach. But when I take a look at all the great things I’ve experienced in the last three weeks, I think I made a good decision. After an amazing holiday in Porto with my dear friends I went to Olbia for my first job and currently I’m in Istanbul.

To update my book with more fashion material I planned a shoot with photographer Michel Zoeter and hair and make-up artist Danielle Trilsbeek. I’m really happy with the results. I love the lighting Michel created and also Danielle did a wonderful job. Here are a few pics of that shoot, I hope you’ll like them as much as I!

It was really nice to shoot with them. First we talked, talked and talked and then it was suddenly almost one o’clock! Oh no, we thought. Let’s get started! Michel turned on the music and we immediately got in the mood for shooting. I’m a big fan of shooting with the music on, so I was very glad when I found out he was also a big fan. He changed songs to get different emoticons and with communicated with me with only his hands. It wasn’t necessary to talk and actually even not possible because of the loud music, haha!