25th Birthday

Hi guys, how are you? I hope you have a great summer! Last week I celebrated my Birthday several times and I ate six Birthday cakes in total. And you’re a model?! Haha, yes I am! Luckily I’m based in Istanbul at the moment, the place where they prefer a size 38 over 34/36. No, don’t worry, I’m still in shape.

On Monday the 17th of August I had dinner with a Turkish friend of my father, Murat. It was really nice to meet him and to exchange stories. When I got home, the girls at the modelappartement surprised me. There were 100 balloons in the room and they hang up garlands! It was really nice. They also bought me a Birthday hat and crown, so sweet.. We drank, played games and at 00:00 they started singing. After that, Maayke gave me her I-pad and started a video. The moment I saw what she arranged for me I started crying my eyes out. All my dearest friends and my beloved boyfriend and mother were in the video! It’s definitely my most precious gift ever.

My mom arranged with Maayke that there would be a cake and champagne. Thanks mom! Note: cake #1.

The next day, the 18th of August, was my real B-day and Maayke and friends we met here in Istanbul had a surprise for me. Ofcourse I was guessing all day long, but that we would celebrate my 25th at the rooftop of the Hilton Hotel… I would have never guessed that and yes, it was amazing! The view, the company, the food (we had sushi!) and the whole atmosphere were really good. We ended the night with this chocolate baby called cake #2.

25th birthday2

On Wednesday, after the castings, Maayke suddenly told me to dress up really chic and I was like: What? Another surprise?! Yes… We went to a famous fish restaurant here in Istanbul at the Bosphorus with other friends we met during our time here in Istanbul. After the delicious dinner we had the third cake in a row, cake #3 which is definitely the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had. So if you want to know wich patisserie here in Istanbul is the best, I can tell you: It’s Pedit!

birthday marijke

It was so good that we joked about taking it home with us in a doggy bag and in the end we really did, haha! The cake did not last long. When we came home on Thursday after castings, we finished it directly! Note: cake #4

That night, on Thursday, we celebrated the Birthday of our director of the model agency and you’ll never guess what we ate… Haha, cake #5 was a fact.

On Friday we flew to Izmir, because we went to Cesme for the weekend. That night we went for dinner at Ferdi Baba, and ended it in style with cake #6.. 😉

Ofcourse I missed my boyfriend, mother and friends while celebrating my 25ht birthday but it was an amazing week! I wish everyone an evenly great Birthday as the one (or three) I’ve had!