A blog from warm and magical Istanbul. In the Netherlands, summer has definitely come to an end. It’s cold, rainy, and there’s lots of wind. I don’t know where you are, but if you are craving some sun and you’re able to find time to go on a city trip, l recommend Istanbul!

It’s an impressive and really inspiring city. I enjoy walking its streets for hours and hours. All the different impressions, they’re incredible. There are many cultural sightseeing spots and if I may, I’d also like to advise you to sail the Bosphorus and bring a visit to the Prince Islands. Also make time to relax a bit and enjoy all of the food.. it’s delicious. Hide your scales, because diets and Istanbul do not mix.. But you will love it, I’m sure!

Istanbul Blog (klein)

When I go shopping, I always try to buy something that has a beautiful print, an interesting design or an item that is made of a special fabric. Because of this, a simple outfit like this one can still be quite interesting. The Centa top by MINIMUM has a relaxed fit and is a fine basic. When I pull it out of my jeans after a whole day of being crumpled up, there are still no wrinkles. It’s ideal!

These retro high-rise mom jeans by Cheap Monday are my new favorite jeans. They fit perfectly and I love the light blue washing. The long coat by Dr. Denim is very simple yet very cool, with its special gray color, low shoulder seams and deep front pockets.

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Jeans by Cheap Monday // Top by MINIMUM // Lace crop top by H&M // Slippers by ZARA // Bag by NEW YORKER // Coat by Dr.DENIM // All available at Entre Deux Maastricht

For the Dutchies and all the people who are in cold areas.. The last round of SALE is NOW! So dress up, go shopping and finish the day with hot chocolate on the sofa! Don’t forget your umbrella 😉

X, Marijke

Photography by Ozan Zorsahin