indoor marijke bewerkt1 (12 of 18)Shopping centre Entre Deux is a perfect place to score a whole new outfit, but it offers much more. For example, there is a professional photography business called Picture People Maastricht. I visited them and we had a great time. It was so much fun to work together; they are very friendly, make you feel comfortable and adapt the shoot completely to your own style. As you know, I love fresh, playful and minimalistic… Et voila!

A photoshoot can be a original gift. Maybe someone in your network is pregnant, just started a new business or someone’s birthday is coming up. A family portrait is always a good idea, most (grand)parents love to capture images of their beloved ones, but it’s also possible to shoot with a friend, your love or pet. Picture People Maastricht does it all. Take a look at their site for the possibilities, opening times and prices. Enjoy!

This playsuit by Zara is chic, sexy and playful at the same time. Perfect for a summer day while being a real tourist during daytime and grab some dinner in the evening. After that still energy for a party? No need to change, this playsuit is also party proof!

Two more days till it’s weekend, hold on!

X, Marijke

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Playsuit by Zara // Necklace by ZAG from Men at Work // All available @ Entre Deux Maastricht

Pictures taken by Picture People Maastricht