Opposite our appartement back in the Netherlands there is a Lunchroom where they sell delicious ice-cream. It is obviously really tempting every time we walk in or out our home, especially in summer. At the moment, me and my boyfriend are based in the Sea Point area in Cape Town, which as you might have guessed is located at the sea side. Guess what’s opposite of our home.. Yes, a little ice-cram stall. The universe is teasing me! Especially for such a sweet tooth as I am, it’s a challenge to resist. But once in a while I treat myself and I forgive myself directly.

The cute ice-cream stall is called ICE ZEIT, which means: time for ice cream! It’s a typical German name, but their ice-cream and coffee are sooo Italian. Read: G O O D ! You might stand in line, craving for an ice-cream (which is actually a good choice) but I’m here to tell you that’s not what you want. You’ll want the frozen yoghurt with sugar cone and chocolate stick. And you’ll want it again.    


Top by Zara // Suede 70s skirt by STYLISTS OWN from Men at Work 
Available @ ENTRE DEUX Maastricht 


Have an amazing weekend!