Arghh, so many different stories and recommandations about what to do when it comes to sports and food… What does really work? Together with a personal trainer I’ve made a plan to reach my goals. Are you willing to start this experiment with me?

Let’s start with stating that what works for me doesn’t neccasarily works for you. I’ve been training for a couple of months now and have been watching my diet as well, although I’m not an expert! I just hope to inspire you and motivate you to find out what kind of exercise will fit you best. Did you already find out, but haven’t you started yet? Or did you lose motivation along the way? Than it’s time for me to give you a kick in the booty, because I know now that exercising on a regular basis will give you lots of energy! 

I try to wake up every morning at 06:00 and walk to Hot Dog Yoga here in Sea Point. Here I take ashtanga and hot vinyasa courses to work on my strength, flexibility and balance. With both types of Yoga there’s an important role for the breathing process, because with every breath you will assume a new position. It makes you really aware of your breathing and in the beginning this was tough and hard for me, but I found out that it really helps me. I’m so glad that Yoga is actually very affordable here in Cape Town, especially compared to the Netherlands! 

Next to the Yoga courses I try to join my boyfriend when he’s going for a run and I’ll make an extra effort to train my belly, legs and booty. So that means a seamlessly endless amount of squats, lunges, planks, crunches and push ups (still hate those…) 

No time, motivation or money to go to the gym, but willing to lose some weight? Try rope-jumping! I try to do it every day for about 20 minutes and it feels like one of the most efficient ways of burning calories. I must advise you to use solid and shock absorbing shoes to support your joints..

Try to always plan ahead when it comes to exercising and eating. Don’t try to skip it, drink lots of water and enjoy! 

Have a great week! 

X, Marijke 

Yoga legging by Nike from Aktiesport // Grey yoga top by H&M // Black sports BH by H&M // Yellow sports singlet by H&M // Shorts by Nike from Aktiesport // Pink sports BH by H&M.
All available @ Entre Deux