This moment is captured at 5AM in the morning which means I had to wake up with a 3 in my alarm clock, because this is certainly not what I look like when I wake up 😉 Nonetheless my eyes still look quite sleepy, haha! But shooting at this hour, with a cool breeze and the warmth of the rising sun is magical and makes up for the crazy calltime.

Summer campaign for FATFACE
Shot by Sean Cook
Directed by Pav Kalsi
Styled by Kayleigh Munn
MUA Sammy Sunshine  

32. HIGHSummer'18 Marijke klein formaat

31. HIGHSummer'18 Marijke klein formaat

40. HIGHSummer'18 Marijke klein formaat

Later that day we shot at a lovely farm in South Africa. I almost never know what the day will bring, because I mostly only get told where to be at what time. In the beginning it was quite hard not to know, but to go with the flow. Nowadays I am as flexible as a yogi.

Next to that I always bring way too much stuff with me to be prepared for any type of  (weather) situation. Especially when shooting on location a lot of unexpected things can happen, like to have to jump in a lake wherefore it’s convenient if you have some spare undies 😉 or to have to hike to the final location because it’s not possible to get there by car.. In those situations you regret just wearing flip-flops. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE these challenges and it often makes the days special and unforgettable. 

42. HIGHSummer'18 Marijke. klein formaat