Hi ladies!! Oohh, I’m sooooo in love with my three newest purchases: a dress by Vanilia, a bandana by Zara and a coat by MINIMUM! I love each item and yes… Still in… Continue reading


In the seventies the culottes, the fear of every man, were hot hot hot! Guess what? They’re back and next to the flared jeans the must-have fashion item this spring, which is completely dominated by… Continue reading


Hi ladies! Here’s a last-minute invitation for a really cool Garage Stock Sale by This is Lily! Lily herself is – like the clothes – edgy yet classy and feminine. All the items breathe… Continue reading

Three days in Paris

Hi folks! This is my first blog ever for Entre Deux, so let me first introduce myself. I’m Marijke Versluijs, a 24-year-old Nijmegen-based model. Apart from modelling I’m a teacher at a primary… Continue reading

Paris during #PFW ’15

Hi everyone! Maybe you have been refreshing and refreshing my website over and over again (or maybe not, haha!), but didn’t see new posts coming up… Well, uh, I know, it’s been a… Continue reading

Paris, je t’aime!

With New Year’s Eve Steffie and I went to Paris. Steffie is a really sweet friend of mine and like she said: “Who could resist loving a city where you can see 37… Continue reading

This is Lily

Three years ago I worked for ‘This is Lily’, a brand that had only just appeared at that time. It’s always exciting to work with new names, you just don’t know what to… Continue reading

WINNER Entre Deux Fashion Blog Battle!

WHAAA!! I have won the Entre Deux Blog Battle! Now I can call myself one of the three fashion bloggers of Entre Deux. This is really a dream come true! Over the last… Continue reading


Today I worked for the Sweet7 brand of fashion jewelry B.V. Kannai. Sweet7 is a young and trendy brand whose collections change regularly. They use natural materials like real leather and precious stones as much… Continue reading